Facade expansion profile

10 мая 2018

Construction deformation profiles, plane and corner ones are used in the process of insulation and cladding (plastering) of facades of public and residential buildings. This approach reduces the risks of mechanical damage and provides the coating with sufficient stability under increased operating loads and temperature changes in the environment caused by weather changes.


It is known that all materials tend to expand when heated and contract when cooled. This natural phenomenon creates serious risks for violation of the integrity of building facades with the formation of multiple cracks and other defects that reduce the service life.

Therefore, according to SNIP, builders are obliged to arrange thermodynamic or expansion joints in the SFTK (contact insulation system), the pitch and dimensions of which depend on the degree of expansion of the materials used in the cladding and thermal insulation, with changes in the ambient temperature.

In order to give the surfaces stability and durability, the expansion joints are pre-coated with glue and reinforced with inserts:

  • on the walls - from plane profiles of the "E" form;
  • in the corners - from corner profiles of the "V" shape;
  • and then, the resulting edges are covered (rubbed over) with leveling plaster. The use of fiberglass reinforcement mesh provides an even better effect.

Material Types
Annodized AL + PVC
2.7 m or ≈ 8.86 ft
Price per unit $6.17
Material Types
Anodized aluminium
3 m or ≈ 9.84 ft
Price per unit $33.09
DP08-14 14 MM NEOPREN MOVEMENT CONTROL JOINT. 1.5 mm stainless steel
Material Types
Stainless Steel Profile
3 m or ≈ 9.84 ft
14 mm or ≈ 0.55 in
Price per unit $86.19
Material Types
Standard PVC
24 cm or ≈ 9.45 in
Price per unit $4.21


The described technological method provides the building facade with a number of advantages:

  • strong connection between the surface areas separated by seams;
  • independence from the impact of weather and climatic disasters;
  • protection against the penetration of surface moisture under the thermal insulation layer;
  • the edges formed by thermodynamic seams become invisible, which provides the finishing layer of the facade finish with an even, continuous surface and an aesthetic appearance.

How it works?

According to the averaged norms, the deformation profiles are set at intervals of 10 m. In this case, the average compensation value, for example, will be 3 cm. , the outer surface will not undergo the slightest change.

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