Vinyl Sheets

10 октября 2019

Vinyl wall sheets are a relevant and budget option for interior decoration, which has long gained popularity in the market due to its excellent qualities combined with a modest cost. They are especially attractive for buyers who want to make repairs on their own - one element covers a large area, and installation does not require professional skills, this is a great opportunity to save money on inviting a team of finishers.

Vinyl sheets are also readily purchased by various organizations - institutions and companies, as their qualities are excellent for places with high traffic. To prevent premature wear, it is reasonable to purchase along with a set of panels bumpers made of aluminum profile with PVC coating - to protect the walls.


Types of PVC wall sheets

PVC sheets for walls are produced in the following form:

  • lining - type-setting strip strips, joined together with a spike and a groove and attached either directly to the wall, or with fastening brackets on the crate;
  • rectangular sheets of various sizes and thicknesses;
  • foamed PVC sheets, also of various lengths, widths and thicknesses, fastened with nails and glue;
  • square tiles - sizes from 30x30 cm to 98x98 cm, are mounted like slats and allow you to create patterns or imitate mosaics.

The lining is intended for exterior decoration and is produced in one color. 

Wall sheets for interior decoration differ in the type of coating:

  • matte, devoid of coating, without shine;
  • glossy, covered with a layer of varnish;
  • colored - at the initial stage of their production, a dye is added to the mass;
  • thermal transfers - with different patterns applied using thermal film under heating;
  • offset - the drawing is applied with paint from an offset printer;
  • laminated - pasted over with a thick layer of PVC film with various patterns.

Advantages of PVC sheets for interior decoration

Vinyl wall sheets have a number of undeniable advantages in addition to their low cost:

The ability to carry out repairs in a short time and with minimal effort. Installation of plates is a simple process that does not require special skills, significant experience in finishing work and expensive equipment. The quality and curvature of the base surface does not matter - all defects (rough brickwork, uneven plaster layers, small potholes) will be perfectly masked, preliminary surface preparation for their installation is not required. The work is done without a huge amount of dirt and dust, which are inevitable when working with traditional finishing materials (this is important for small rooms and those that cannot even be temporarily freed from large furniture and heavy equipment). In the event of damage, it is easy to make minor repairs by replacing the damaged fragment. If necessary, it is just as easy to carry out a complete dismantling, preserving the material.

Excellent moisture protection - Vinyl sheets are extremely moisture resistant. Moisture does not linger on smooth vinyl. In addition, it is not porous, it prevents the appearance of mold and mildew. Can be installed in rooms with high humidity - in bathrooms, in kitchens.

The ability to create additional heat and sound insulation (in this case, it is recommended to lay an insulating material under the finish). The prospect of hidden wiring is also real, in order to avoid the need for gating.

Resistance to temperature extremes (they can withstand the average range from -40 to +50 ° C without deformation) - it can be installed even in unheated rooms (outbuildings, change houses, on terraces and verandas).

 Relatively high fire safety. The ignition temperature of PVC is 100 degrees higher than that of fiberboard and fiberboard, when burning, polyvinyl chloride emits 1.5 less toxic substances and 2 times less smoke than chipboards. In addition, PVC is a self-extinguishing material.

Environmental friendliness. The smoothness and absence of pores do not create a comfortable environment for the reproduction of colonies of harmful bacteria, therefore the products are recommended for installation in children's and medical institutions, sports organizations.

Durability - PVC is not subject to decay processes and is able to maintain a presentable appearance for many years.

Hygienic and easy to clean - any contamination from the surface can be easily removed with household detergents that do not contain aggressive solvent components that can damage the protective layer.

The ability to create exclusive design solutions in interiors. Products are produced in a huge assortment of colors and even textures - they can have a relief, volumetric texture, imitate other finishing options - wood, brick, slate, stone, tiles. Any pattern can be applied to the surface - from simple geometric patterns to photographic images and exclusive design graphics. Plates can be installed in different directions (vertical, horizontal, diagonal) and experiment with combinations of colors, shades and textures, creating a unique solution.

In rooms where there is a likelihood of mechanical stress on the finish, protection of the walls is necessary - the plates have low resistance to point impacts. It is recommended to install protective fenders. They look like a board or handrail along the perimeter of the wall (there are also corner structures), made on the basis of a durable aluminum profile with a wear-resistant vinyl coating. Sometimes a rubber cord is used in the manufacture.

Do not be afraid that the design solution of the interior will suffer from their installation - bumpers for walls can be made in various colors and shades. You can choose to blend in with the overall color background. There are also models with LED backlighting.

Material Types
Thermoplastic Elastomer
25 m or ≈ 82.02 ft
Price per unit $522.76
Material Types
Thermoplastic Elastomer
20 m or ≈ 65.62 ft
Price per unit $103.09
Material Types
Thermoplastic Elastomer
10 m or ≈ 32.81 ft
Price per unit $60.14
Material Types
Thermoplastic Elastomer
15 m or ≈ 49.21 ft
Price per unit $41.52
Material Types
Anodised AL
2.7 m or ≈ 8.86 ft
Price per unit $6.07
Material Types
Anodised AL
2.7 m or ≈ 8.86 ft
Price per unit $13.30
Material Types
Anodised AL
2.7 m or ≈ 8.86 ft
Price per unit $17.10
Material Types
Anodised AL
2.7 m or ≈ 8.86 ft
Price per unit $10.28

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