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Standard Aluminum Profiles

ARFEN manufactures all types of standard aluminum profiles. In addition, custom-shaped aluminum profiles are available upon request.

LME based price combined with over 20 years of manufacturing experience will guarantee quality and fast product delivery.

Find our most common standard aluminum profile types below. Download our standard aluminum profiles catalog using this link.

Round Type Profiles

Square Tube Profiles

Rectangular Tube Profiles.

Round Bar Profiles. Square Bar Profiles. Flat Bar Profiles.

"U" Section Profiles. "T" Section Profiiles.

Angle Profiles.

Our packing style.

Our extrusion production capacity is 500 tonnes/month with three shifts, and our current production level is 200 tonnes/month with one shift. We maintain precise pressures and temperatures during the extrusion process so that our products have good surface quality with proper tempering. In addition, our extrusion design and engineering of aluminum parts aim for optimal performance with minimal waste.

Arfen Dye Production Arfen Aluminum has an in-house die production, modification, and maintenance unit. Aluminum profile samples are taken occasionally during production and analyzed to determine if any corrections to the dies are necessary. Corrections are made immediately to ensure high-quality profile production. Standard dye colors are ready for our clients at any time; we also keep records of all custom dyes available at a moment's notice.

In addition to the Extrusion process and Surface Finishing Services, we provide the Surface Finishing services for extruded profiles, namely mill finishing, powder coating, mechanical polishing, high gloss. Anodised profile requirements can be met through third-party producers next to our production facility. Arfen Aluminum has QUALICOAT certification as proof of our surface finishing quality.

Mechanical processing facilities are available in all our plants. We offer various solutions:

  • Cutting in the field lengths from 45-90 degrees. (bevel cutting)
  • Deburring of cut edges.
  • CNC machining.
  • Punching with the eccentric press.
  • Tapping and countersink drilling.
  • Welding, riveting, and pressing.

We can use milling, drilling, cutting, punching, bending, and similar methods for shaping aluminum.

Packing and loading of extruded aluminum profiles are essential steps for a timely delivery. In addition to the high quality in production, utmost care is given during the packaging and the loading processes. We use paper, stretch nylon, folio tapes, and other proper materials to avoid surface damage and pack them in pallets to keep extruded profiles from bending. 

Arfen always tries to improve the quality of its products and processes. To achieve this, Arfen invests in research and development. Our research and development efforts are customer-centric. Improved designs and more useful utilization of aluminum alloys help us make the right decisions and get more economical solutions. Another indication of our commitment to excellence is our continuous investment in technology, talented staff, and research and development as a whole. We have a gradually growing R&D team. We closely follow global technological developments in our industry. Our Research and Development team can help clients with the preparation of prototypes of extruded products. We can further undertake computer simulations to discover the best design and production options. 

Our clients will benefit from our expertise in finding the most suitable solutions for their applications. Depending on specific designs, we offer advice in finding the most suitable dimensions and surface finish methods for the to-be extruded profiles. 

We keep close relations with university research teams in Turkey and globally. To improve ties with academia and inspire new engineering professionals, we are opening an office in one of the technical universities in Istanbul. 

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